Adjusting the Wheelchair Harness

How to fit and adjust your dog's wheelchair front harness

Adjusting the Front Harness

Take the 3 black comfort sleeves off of the harness so you can make sizing adjustments.

  • Dog’s head goes between the black strap and the blue strap.
  • Blue strap goes over the dog's shoulder.
  • Red strap goes behind the front legs and clips into the side of harness.
  • Black strap goes under neck across front of chest.
  • Side neoprene panels should be positioned over the shoulder blades.
  • Male prong points to the back and clips in.
  • All three straps should be snug.
  • Comfort sleeves can be cut for smaller dogs and excess straps tucked in. This material will not fray.

Attaching the Harness to a Rear Dog Wheelchair

Adjust the extenders so they reach the harness clips on the front harness. The extender ends will go through each D-Ring and then clip into the front harness. The D-Rings should be positioned just behind the shoulder blades.

Changing the Pocket Placement of D-Ring (if needed)

Note: Unless advised to change pocket by a Walkin' Pets customer service representative, keep the clip in middle pocket because the straps are adjustable. Needed: small Phillips screwdriver to remove (2) screws, if changing the position of the clip. 

Before starting, observe which direction the prongs are facing on the D-Ring. They should always face the rear end of dog.