How to Attach the Leg Rings to the Walkin' Wheels

Step-by-step instructions to attach rear leg rings to a Walkin' Wheels wheelchair

Clip the Leg Rings to the Wheelchair

The Leg Ring straps go over the frame, and the black plastic harness clips have a slot that fits over the Shoulder Socket screws. Put your thumb into the round circle and push upward to lock (you will hear it click into place). The round circle will face the ground. The dog’s legs go through each ring. To release, put your thumb in the circle and pull downward. Now, you can slowly lower your dog to the ground.

The excess Velcro® strapping will cross over the dog's back, or Velcro® together to form handles (see photos below). The Velcro® center connector can be moved forward or backward to avoid putting pressure on the dog’s genitals (ideal for intact dogs). In addition, the Velcro connector can be wrapped loosely so there is space between the rings. The Velcro® center connector MUST be used. Adjust for best comfort and fit.

Putting Your Dog's Legs Through the Leg Rings