How to Counterbalance a Corgi Wheelchair

Counterbalancing a Corgi Cart

Counterbalancing Explained

The counterbalance method is only used on certain dogs due to weight distribution. Carts are most often counter balanced for the Corgi breed.

  • Benefits of counterbalancing the wheelchair:  Shifts the weight distribution of the dog in the wheelchair. Takes some weight off the front legs.
  • When do you need to counterbalance:  When dogs do the downward dog position due to pressure on the front legs.
  • What breeds does this help:  This helps Corgis mostly since 80% of their weight is torso to head.
  • You can counterbalance the Medium and Large wheelchair by turning the dial cap and shifting the wheels forward a bit.
  • Mini wheelchair can be counterbalanced by loosening the knob on the knuckle and shifting the struts forward a bit.
  • A quad wheelchair doesn't need to be counterbalanced as the front wheels are doing the job of taking off the pressure in the front.

How to Counterbalance Your Walkin' Wheels Corgi Wheelchair