Understanding the Wheelchair Parts

A quick guide to understanding the different parts of the wheelchair and their uses

                      Understanding the parts of the Walkin' Wheels dogwheelchair

  1. Front Harness: Clips into wheelchair for front end support with two D-Ring Clips, incredibly adjustable. Blue Strap runs across the back of the dog, red strap runs under the belly and the black strap goes across the chest. Comfort pads can be removed and cut to make harness even smaller. D-Ring Clips are designed be easily replaced.
                                    Wheelchair Front Harness                  D-Ring for Walkin' Wheels wheelchair
                     The Front Harness attaches to the Side Extender with D-Rings
  2. Leg Rings: Soft foam comfort rings for rear end support, creates a saddle in the wheelchair. When fit correctly should look like back to back “C’s”. Designed so dog can relieve themselves while in the wheelchair. When adjusted correctly the leg rings should dip down at least 3" below the wheelchair frame when pet is in the wheelchair.
                                                                   Leg Rings
  3. Wheelchair Frame: made of extruded aluminum, lightweight and durable with push button adjustability.
  4. Width Connector: Easily adjustable to accommodate width of pet, adjusts with push buttons. Comes installed in frame, connector can be removed and exchanged with different length if needed. Allows for adjustability with pet as weight fluctuates.
  5. Knuckle: Connects wheel, strut, and leg to the wheelchair. On Small Wheelchair the knuckle is rectangular, on Medium & Large wheelchairs knuckle is circular with a dial to allow wheelchair to fold for easy storage. The Mini Wheelchair knuckle is a round block with a thumbscrew. 
                                                          Wheelchair Knuckle
  6. Side Extenders: Adjusts length of wheelchair to fit pet’s length. When fit correctly runs parallel to ground and along the center of the dog’s body. If the side extenders dip downward you will need to adjust the front harness straps to bring it up.
  7. Stirrups: Set of 2 – attaches to the back of the wheelchair, stirrups are used to elevate a paralyzed dog’s rear legs off the ground to protect paws from dragging
  8. Struts: Adjusts height of the wheelchair, silver metal bar that attaches to the wheel and inserts into leg of wheelchair.
                                                Attaching the Stirrups        Stirrups
  9. Belly Belt: A belt used to provide support to the center of the dog’s body, provides additional support to the spine and helps to prevent back from sagging. Dogs with longer torsos should use the belly belt.
                                                               Belly Belt for wheelchair
  10. Foam Wheels: Light weight, foam filled wheels have deep treading to handle all terrains.