Wobblers Syndrome

How does Wobblers Syndrome impact a dog's mobility?

What is Wobblers Syndrome?

Wobbler's Syndrome is a disease effecting a dog's cervical spine. Most often impacting  large breeds, the condition occurs when there is spinal cord compression in the neck. The compression leads to neurological deficits and mobility struggles. Wobblers dogs will have significant mobility struggles and will need a full support wheelchair to maintain their balance. 

There are many names for Wobblers, including:

  • Cervical Vertebral Instability (CVI)
  • Cervical Spondylomyelopathy  
  • Cervical Vertebral Malformation (CVM)
  • Cervical Spondylopathy

Signs & Symptoms of Wobblers Syndrome

Doberman and Great Dane dogs are the most common breeds diagnosed with Wobblers, although it can impact smaller breeds as well. Signs of the condition are usually very noticeable and include:

  • A wobbly or unsteady gait
  • Uncoordinated movements
  • Stumbling or halting steps
  • Difficulty standing
  • Slow movements

Puppy With Wobblers Takes First Steps